Use Semaphore Flag Code As
A Secret Code for Text Messages

Here's a neat trick that Signalman Sam learned from
3rd Billericay Scout Troop in the U.K.

When you can easily recognise the semaphore positions, you will be able to send and decipher coded text messages from your (real or imaginary) touch tone phone. Just imagine the numbers represent hand positions.

Superimposed semaphore on phone number pad

Simply code each letter with two digits -
The right-hand position and the left-hand position -
e.g.,N would be '79', T would be '12'.
Use the '8' for for the lower position, so A would be '78'.
Use the '0' as a spacer between words.

"A Scout is to be Trusted", would be coded up thus:
78 0 49 18 14 13 12 0 17 49 0 12 14 0 48 38 0 12 46 13 49 12 38 28

To decode a text message on your phone, look down at the number keys, and visualise the hand positions.