International Morse
Decoding Tree

Different people have different styles of learning. Amateur Radio Operator KB3BYT in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania, suggests that this code listening tool may be very helpful to some beginners just getting started on learning the International Morse Code. If it looks like it might be helpful to you, give it a try. Here are his steps for using the Decoding Tree chart below to learn Morse Code: You can use Signalman Sam's Morse Code Transmitter to send you lots of practice messages. Just type in some text and click "Play". To use this chart you'll want to set the speed low at the beginning - try "Speed" 8 wpm and "Farnsworth Speed" 2 wpm for a start.
Of course there are still punctuations and prosigns to learn. However, if you've mastered letters and numbers you are very well on your way. A few more words of wisdom from KB3BYT for the beginning Morse Code operator: Here we introduce the entire alphabet potentially all at once, but at a rate slow enough that you can use the decoder tree chart until you become familiar with the sounds and begin to associate them directly with the characters. Signalman Sam's Morse Code Course takes rather a different approach. There we introduce each character individually and you learn to associate the sound with the letter from the first. You certainly can combine the two approaches and use the messages from Sam's Morse Course at very slow speed with the decoder tree. Even though you're using the chart, you need not tackle the entire character set immediately.